Where to keep your fire extinguishers


No one wants to think about their home on fire, but in the event it does happen, it’s always good to have a plan. When we think fire safety in our homes, we mostly think about things like evacuation plans, stop, drop and roll and smoke detectors. Fire extinguishers are always an element that is overlooked and should be treated as an essential component to any fire prevention plan.

Here are the most important places for you to keep a fire extinguisher.

The kitchen

This one is obvious. Gas, flames, oils, fats lots of electricity and well – you have a place where lots of fires can start. In fact, most do. 65% of all house fires start in the kitchen, so it goes without saying that this is the most important room in the house to keep a fire extinguisher in.

We don’t recommend you ever keep the extinguisher over or near the stove – because if there are flames in that area, you don’t want to have to reach through them to get to the extinguisher, itself. In and around the sink is acceptable – or in an area immediately accessible.

The garage

Most people who don’t have sheds almost always store their workshop things in their garage. And where there are workshop things, there’s almost always some sort of flammable liquid. Oh – and then there’s your car, too. And your lawn mower. And all sorts of other gas guzzling implements.

There’s no definitive place to keep the extinguisher in the garage itself, but make sure there’s one in an easy to reach place.

The laundry room

People don’t realize this – but dryers start a lot of fires. This is usually due to the lint that collects in the dryer. Believe it or not, it’s extremely flammable and can catch fire when the dryer is on and the temperature is high. Not only that – but there are clothes in and around said dryer – making it easy for a tiny fire to become a substantial one quickly. Always keep a small extinguisher near the laundry room.

Your bedroom

Your bedroom isn’t likely to be the place where a fire starts, but it’s almost always your first and last line of defense against a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher in your room. Most fires happen at night, so you’ll want to make sure there’s an extinguisher there and ready in case your path is blocked out of your house or to a young one’s room. It might seem like a bit much, until it doesn’t.

If you have questions about your home’s fire safety plan, or would like to have a pro help you put together a fire safety strategy for your home, give us a call today!

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