What every business owner needs to know about fire extinguishers |

What every business owner needs to know about fire extinguishers


Every business is sure to have at least one fire extinguisher on-site. But ask a business owner or employee what it’s for other than fighting fires? Well, they probably don’t know.

In fact, they probably don’t know a lot of things about fire extinguishers and that can be a problem. Is the equipment up to code? Does it still work? Is it full? Does it even use the appropriate extinguisher agent to help fight the kinds of fires they’d be likely to encounter?

Today, we’re going to help you learn a little bit more about your workplace fire extinguishers and the types of things that as a business owner – you 100% should and need to know. Let’s jump right in.

Extinguishers are designed to fight certain types of fires

Not all fire extinguishers are created equal. That’s to say – they all have different purposes. Some are multi-purpose extinguishers that can put out multiple kinds of fires. Others are single-use only – meaning they’re only good if it’s an electrical fire or something like that.

Be sure you know which kind of extinguisher you’ll need to fight the kinds of fires that your business might cause and or be at risk for. If you don’t know – find out and if necessary – make the purchase and get the replacement that you need.

Monthly fire inspections are a real thing

Fire inspections should be done frequently – but your extinguishers should get checked every month. OSHA even requires this, so it’s not really up to you, to be honest. These inspections will help confirm that your extinguisher is there, whether its full or not, making sure there’s adequate pressure in the unit and whether the operating instructions are legible. All of these things are important.

In the event that a catastrophe happens – you’ll need to be prepared!

Extinguishers don’t last forever

If you’ve been sitting on the same extinguisher for a long time, it might be time to get it replaced. While the canisters don’t expire, themselves; the agents can become less effective and things like pressure retention and the like can be an issue. Check the age of your extinguisher and if it’s been laying around – just err on the safe side and get a new one.

Always recharge them

God forbid you need to use an extinguisher – but if you do, immediately get it recharged. Even if a small amount was discharged on accident – make it a priority to drop off the extinguisher and get it refilled so it’s good to go the next time an emergency strikes.

Whether you need to make sure you’re up to code and compliant, or you simply need replacement extinguishers – we can help. Give us a call today!

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