Summer fire safety tips |

Summer fire safety tips


With summer fast approaching and it LOOKING like we’re headed in a decent direction with the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s a distinct possibility that we might just enjoy our summer!

And as we always like to do, here; it’s time to share out some seasonal fire safety tips to keep you safe and always thinking about fire prevention. Each season comes with certain activities that we like to take part in – all of which present some sort of additional risk to consider. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy yourself this summer while staying fire safety conscious at all time. Let’s jump right in.


Nothing says ‘summertime’ like good, ole grilling. That being said – whether you’re working with propane or charcoal, you’re working with fire. When you’re working with fire, you’ve got some things to be aware of.

For starters, keep your grill away from deck railing, your home and out from any sort of overhangs. People love putting their grills up against wooden deck railings and that’s just too risky. A few errant flames and they can go up. Make sure you’re grilling in a wide open space.

Also – keeping your grill clean isn’t just about the looks. Grease and fat residue can cause fires (just like in your kitchen) – so be sure your grill is looking fresh and clean.

And of course – never, ever leave your food unattended. All it takes is a few errant sparks and it can be a disaster. Tend to your food and pay attention1

Lawn mower care and gas storage

The summer time means lawns and lawn maintenance. And with that comes, well – gas. Don’t store gas, liquid fire starters, propane or any other flammable liquid in a dangerous place. In fact, we usually recommend a well-ventilated area outdoors. Make sure your seals are tight and that your containers are stored upright and on a level surface.

Also – be sure that you’re careful with your mower and blowers. If it overheats or smokes, don’t refuel it and prevent that same overheating by being sure to remove debris and grass clippings from mufflers and the cutting units themselves. This will save you a boatload of worry.

Fire alarm inspections

The best thing you can do to make sure you’re staying safe from fires in the summer months is to check on your own alarm systems. Make sure smoke detectors have fresh batteries, test Carbon Monoxide detectors, check in on any fire extinguishers to make sure they’re full and haven’t lost pressure and as always – do a five minute pop quiz with your kids at dinner over your fire escape plan. It’s always a good idea to do this at the beginning of winter and the beginning of summer so that everyone and everything is prepared in the event the worse case scenario occurs.

Oh and before we forget

Sorry to be party poopers, but fireworks… don’t. Yes, there are safer fireworks, but the reality is that there’s no such thing as safe fire works and there’s really, really no such thing as safe fireworks for children. Enjoy your local fireworks shows in your community. Keep it at those.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your summer this year a little bit more and keep you a little bit more safe! Good luck and enjoy the warm weather!

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