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Fire Hydrant Backflow Services


Fire Hydrant Backflow Services

Fire Hydrant Flow Test
Annual Fire Hydrant Flow Test

Fire hydrant & backflow preventer services by Florida Fire Service Inc.  We are Tampa Bay’s Oldest and Most Trusted Full Service Fire Protection Company.  Hydrant flow tests are conducted to determine water availability in planning for firefighting activities, fire sprinkler systems or domestic water demand. The tests are also useful in determining the general condition of the water distribution system by detecting closed valves or wall deposits. A well-maintained water system enables firefighters to extinguish flames and prevent large- scale damage or loss of life.  NICET & TREEO Certified Technicians to perform your annual backflow and fire hydrant flow testing.  Contact Us Today!


Annual Maintenance Programs includes:


  • Fire hydrant repair
  • Flushing
  • Clean and grease
  • Replace gaskets
  • Inspection services
  • Flow testing and analysis
  • Install cap locks
  • Work and maintain gate valves
  • Raising hydrants
  • Rebuild & repairs
  • Backflow & hydrant Installs and replacements

Bacflow Preventer Services

We are a full-service fire protection company please contact us for other services we provide:  Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Fire Suppression Systems, and Training.