The most common question our project managers get is: “How soon can you get started?”
In today’s world of wanting everything complete yesterday, there are legal walls to climb when it comes to getting fire protection repairs and installs complete.
Today we’ll dive into a typical scenario, and then we’ll walk through all the steps that need to happen before a fire protection company can begin their work.

Scenario #1 – A restaurant needs a fire suppression system repaired.
Scenario #2 – A new building is being constructed and needs a fire sprinkler system installed.

Most restaurants or construction managers believe that once they’ve determined what needs to be repaired or installed, they can make a phone call and work will begin that same afternoon.
However, in both of these scenarios, a number of legal actions need to be taken before a fire protection company can begin.

Here’s what needs to be done before any fire protection system repair or installation can be started:

Step 1 – Getting the project surveyed, drawn and submitted to the building department: Depending on an engineer’s schedule, and the size of the project, this can take a few weeks.

Step 2 – After drawings are submitted, a fire protection company needs to wait for the drawings to be approved by the building department: Once they’re approved, a permit will be granted, which can take a minimum of one week to 15-20 business days.

Step 3 – Once the permit is granted, the fabrication process begins. Materials are ordered, and a coordinator schedules the work in advance for a licensed technician to complete. By the time the materials arrive, and a technician’s schedule is open, this can take approximately 1-2 weeks to start the project.

Add it up: 2-3 weeks + 7-20 days + 1-2 weeks. At a minimum, you’re looking at 28 days, at a maximum, you’re looking at 54 days.

In short, from the time a fire protection company has been given the approval to proceed, the project will begin between 1-2 months from now.

NOTE: Most new, out of the ground installations have a schedule and is projected-out to include the 1-2 months to install a sprinkler system or restaurant suppression system, which most fire protection companies can accommodate.

Hopefully, today you’ve learned how the process works of getting a new fire protection install or equipment repair is done from a fire protection company’s point of view.
If there’s any advice we can give you, is to think ahead and give yourself a 1-2 month leeway.


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