Halloween fire safety tips


Halloween is as fun a holiday as we have here in the US. It’s all about trick or treating, costumes and in a world where everyone takes themselves too seriously it seems – we have a time where dark humor gives us a friendly reprieve.

That being said, it’s important that we’re safe – whether it’s inspecting your children’s candy, making sure they have appropriate supervision while trick or treating and the like. And yes – believe it or not – fire safety also comes into play. In fact, decorations are the first thing to ignite in nearly 900 house fires a year – and of those – 2 out of every 3 were started by candles.

Here are some tips to help make trick or treating and the Halloween season a little more safe for your little monsters. Let’s jump right in.

Light the way

Make sure your kids have flashlights and glow sticks as part of their costume or trick or treating tool kit. It’s dark out there and especially in older areas of the country, you’ll encounter a lot of sidewalk heave, which tends to afford children with all sorts of opportunities to trip and fall.

When you choose a costume

Be sure you stay away from long trailing fabrics. The longer the fabric, the easier it is to step on or get caught up in whatever debris happens to be within their general vicinity. In the case of fire – there are jack-o-lanterns, lights and candles-a-plenty. It’s best to keep them away.

Be wary of using candles

Speaking of Jack-O-Lanterns – be sure you’re keeping an eye on them at all times – especially on Halloween night, where they could get knocked over, vandalized and the like. If it’s possible, use battery operated lights to light your lanterns instead of candles. The last thing you want is a flame hitting a dry leaf or fall decoration on your doorstep. You can purchase them for as little as $3 at your local party store.

Keep your stoop clear

Not only will your kids be trick-or-treating, but you’ll also be handing out candy at your home as well! Make sure things like Jack-O-Lanterns aren’t in the way or in a place where they could get knocked over by eager candy seekers. Also be sure to keep them away from anything that could catch on fire. Leaves are a particular concern – but so are corn decorations, scarecrows and a whole host of other fall-esqe decorations.

In addition, if you have an elaborate display outside, take the same caution that you would with Christmas lights. You don’t want too many plugs in one socket, make sure the areas around the outlets are dry and especially on Halloween eve – make sure you’re doing a walkthrough to make sure there aren’t any errant wires that could trip someone up.

Give your kids a quick once over about fire safety

You don’t have to do an entire safety course, just make sure your kids know their ABC’s so to speak – especially about stop-drop-and roll. Long costumes can light up fast, so make sure they know what to do, what to stay away from and who to listen to. Also when you have trick or treaters at your door, be sure to make sure they know to stay away from any open, lit or exposed candles. Just keep your head on a swivel!

Keep these tips in mind and do your due diligence in making sure you’re safe during Halloween. But most importantly – have fun! Happy Halloween

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