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Fire Safety and Halloween


Outside of Christmas we’re not sure there’s a more beloved holiday in the US than Halloween among both adults and kids. It’s candy, it’s dressing up, it’s bad movies, it’s lame lawn decorations. It’s a holiday that doesn’t take itself too seriously and we’re all here for it.

That being said, as much as we like to join in the fun, there are some safety concerns you should think about – just to make sure everyone is having the right kind of good time. Here are a few Halloween-specific fire safety tips to make your holiday a little bit more enjoyable. Let’s jump right in!


This one should be top of mind because it directly involves fire and is one of those things where we kind of close them up and leave them alone which… might be a mistake. Lit candles are a potential fire hazard, especially if they get tipped over near dry leaves and/or other flammable decorations. When you leave them inside, they can become even more of a potential fire hazard – with curtains, rugs, cloths and all sorts of things right there that can catch on fire.

Frankly – you really shouldn’t be using candles anymore. They actually make specific LED lights for Jack-o-Lanterns and they run about as much if not a little less than the candle anyway. So – you might as well save yourself the fire safety concern.

Flammable decorations

With Halloween decorations, you’ll notice a lot of candles and or flammable materials tend to be used. Things like hay, paper bag lumineries, corn stalks and other paper decorations are just all part of the occasion. Just be way about not only how you use these decorations but where they’re placed relative to any open flames.

In addition, be sure to have your electric decorations checked and that they’re properly powered. You’d be surprised at the toll that lawn decorations can take on a power system.


Dressing up for Halloween is something everyone should do but costumes are almost always made from flammable, bulky materials that can be a real danger to our safety. Make sure you do the following when deciding on a costume:

  • Use flame retardant materials for any costume you choose
  • Avoid costumes with long trains or bulk
  • Go over the concept of ‘stop, drop and roll’ with your children
  • Make sure kids have flashlights and glow sticks to light their way at night. DO NOT let them use lit candles.

Follow these safety tips and you’ll have yourself a worry-free, fun and exciting Halloween! It’s fire prevention month and as per the usual – it’s both ironic and a good thing that Halloween ends up during this time of year. Good luck and have a blast!

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