Fire protection in commercial kitchens |

Fire protection in commercial kitchens


Anytime you have a building that accommodates a large number of people, fire safety becomes paramount. At restaurants – this becomes doubly as important as not only are you hosting legions of adoring guests, but you’re also juggling the very real fire risks associated with high-stress, high-use kitchens.

Fire protection is almost always one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ sort of things; but it shouldn’t be taken for granted when it comes to commercial kitchens. Here’s what you can do to be a little bit more away and fire safety conscious in your restaurant. Let’s jump right in.

Misplaced equipment and appliances

Layout is a crucial part of fire safety in commercial kitchens. If your appliances are laid out properly – you could be taking a big risk. Not only do proper ventilation and suppression systems need to be in place, but they also need to be optimized for where everything is in the kitchen. There are significant compliance regulations that must be followed and not doing so could leave you open to liability. Take this seriously.

Poor maintenance

When people don’t clean grease correctly, you get grease fires. When oven lines are cleaned, when appliances aren’t used correctly and when equipment isn’t maintained – you get fires. Most commercial kitchen fires come about as a result of neglect to do these basic sorts of things.

Make sure you’re getting your kitchen inspected regularly. Not just for fire safety, but to make sure your equipment is working as intended. Not only are fires a risk, but so are malfunctions. And as any restaurant owner will tell you; you can’t afford downtime!

Not asking for help

The reason a lot of commercial kitchens have fires and issues is because someone didn’t prioritize fire safety. And not because they didn’t care – but more so that they didn’t know where to start. Fire protection professionals can walk you through everything, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call one. The peace of mind is worth it in a multitude of ways.


Whether you’re looking for smoke detectors, sprinklers, extinguishers or simply want a fire safety perspective and/or input on your commercial kitchen layout – give us a call today and we will give you a free consultation. Until then, good luck and stay safe!

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