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Extinguisher Training



Make sure you and your employees are prepared for the worst…

Last year in the United States there were over 80,000 workplace fires resulting in nearly $2 billion in damage. The good news is that nearly 85% of those fires were caused by the result of human action – meaning that with proper training, you can dramatically reduce your risk of a fire occurring in your business or facility.

We educate children, adults and employees on how to properly use fire extinguishers should an emergency occur. Having prepared employees cannot only help you save money but save lives as well!

Also, keep in mind that new codes and requirements are emerging every day. In some cases, fire extinguisher training has become mandatory – either for regulatory purposes or because insurance companies or OSHA require it. In some cases, we can tailor a training specific to your needs. And of course, everyone who completes our course will be given a certificate of completion which keeps you in compliance with OSHA requirements!

To schedule a time to train for your company or to speak with our representatives, call (877) 662-3473 or contact us online.