Campfire safety tips


Nothing says summertime quite like the idea of going camping and enjoying the solitude of nature and the people who matter most. Still – before you go out, it’s important to remember some important fire safety tips – especially since having a campfire is to integral to the overall experience.

Here are some things to keep in mind next time you go camping to make sure that you keep you and yours happy, healthy and safe!

Follow the area rules

Be sure to be on the up and up when it comes to your camp area’s rules regarding campfires. Some parks won’t even allow them – and if they don’t – there’s a reason for it. Check your local regulation and your camp area’s rules before sparking one up.

Be aware of your surroundings 

This really falls into the ‘use your head’ category. Choose a location where your fire doesn’t have a chance to spread. Don’t build it near dry leaves, don’t park it under overhanging tree branches and make sure the area is completely clear of shrubbery, vegetation and the like. Dig a solid pit, surround it with rocks and then proceed.

Don’t be a lighter fluid clown

Lighter fluid starts fires. We all get it. It starts serious fires when you get someone who can’t stop squirting the pit with it to make big flames. It’s a dumb thing to do and it’s always when people get hurt.

Keep the fluid away from the fire, stop squirting it nine million times and know that just a little will get your fire up and running. No one’s giggles is worth someone else’s safety.

Stay nearby

Don’t leave campfires unattended. If you dig a solid pit and surround it with rocks, you’ve done a good job to contain things – but just in case, be sure to put out the fire if you’re going to sleep. Don’t just let it burn overnight. A few errant sparks and something could go wrong.

Don’t light anything you can’t put out

Never light a campfire if you don’t have (multiple) ways of extinguishing it. In fact, we recommend keeping a jug of water handy with a shovel just in case.

The summer is a great time for family, friends and making memories. Just follow those tips, stay safe and enjoy your next camping trip!

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