Proper emergency lighting is critical to a safe work environment. Ensuring the operational readiness of emergency lighting is not an option – it's an OSHA and LIFE SAFETY requirement. Serving businesses and government buildings in the Tampa Bay Area, Florida Fire Service provides:

  • Emergency Lighting Inspections
  • Monthly Testing
  • Emergency Lighting Service
  • Evaluation of Emergency Lighting Requirements

Florida Fire's emergency lighting service includes (but is not limited to): changing emergency lighting batteries, inspection and service of battery charging systems, bulbs and other emergency exit lighting system hardware, monthly emergency lighting testing and more.

Ensure that your workplace, building, commercial kitchen, etc. meets OSHA emergency lighting requirements and is operationally ready for the worst case scenario. Contact Florida Fire Service today!

For more information on our inspection and certification services, call Florida Fire Services today at (877) 662-3473 or contact a representative online by filling out our online form.