Emergency lighting equipment and exit signs are required in all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to provide sufficient illumination for safe and orderly egress during a power outage, fire, or other emergency. But emergency lighting equipment is not simply a series of illumination products; rather, these products are specially designed for life-safety applications, satisfying specific code requirements. State and local inspectors can visit unannounced at any time to inspect equipment for reliable operation.

The National Electrical Code and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code, which detail installation requirements, operating parameters, and guidelines for regular maintenance, require monthly testing and record-keeping. In addition, many state fire codes require a 30-second test of all emergency lighting equipment monthly, and a 90-minute full battery discharge once a year. Many facilities would not pass inspection.

Many building owners depend on in-house maintenance staffs to perform checks of emergency equipment and systems. But maintenance workers may not have the training, the time, or the experience to provide the regular and proper maintenance of these critical life-safety systems.

Florida Fire Service has tested, repaired, and maintained high-quality emergency light systems for over 40 years. Our fully trained & certified staff is constantly pushing themselves to stay at the forefront of lighting technology in order to provide you with the best, most efficient and cost-effective means of security.

We can assist with a variety of light and signing service, including:
  • Emergency lighting service & repair
  • Exit & emergency combination packages
  • Certification & inspections
  • Compliance with Life Safety Code 101
  • Battery & bulb replacement
  • And more!

We have helped hundreds of companies like yours solve their lighting issues. Avoid serious liability, expensive fines and above all else – keep your people safe.

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