We take fire hydrants for granted. We see them everywhere – on the street, next to huge commercial buildings and even in front of our homes. We assume they all work, but that's not necessarily the case. Making sure your hydrants not only work, but are built to the best possible quality is important. Not only can a quality hydrant save you the worry of liability and lost dollars; it can help save lives. At Florida Fire Service, we can meet even the most demanding needs, offering a full range of hydrant and pump equipment & services.

We offer a variety of products, including:
  • Standing hydrants
  • Vehicle-mounted pumps
  • Foam systems
  • Control systems
  • Valves
  • High pressure and 2-piece models
  • Above & underground hydrants
  • & More!

Servicing fire pumps and hydrants can be a complex process. Put our 40+ years of experience to work for you and let us design a system that's an ideal fit for your facility.

To learn more about our hydrants and how Florida Fire Service can create a solution for you, call us today at (877) 662-3473 or via our online contact form.