TAMPA Fire Extinguisher Service, Repair & Installation

One of the most overlooked aspects of fire safety is making sure that your Fire Extinguishers are maintained and in good, working condition. At Florida Fire Service, we offer a variety of service options, ranging from proper installation and inspection of fire extinguishers to ongoing service and repair in the Tampa Bay area.

We offer:
  • Repair & recharges
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Annual inspections
  • 5, 6 and 12 year inspections and tests
  • Comprehensive extinguisher training
  • Tagging & reporting

We offer a comprehensive selection of service agreements that ensure you meet the latest standards and codes. From NFPA to Federal, OSHA, state and local health and fire codes – you'll rest assured knowing that your fire extinguishers are in the best possible shape and meet any and all state, local, or federal requirements.

Ask us about our service bundles!

We will tailor a specific maintenance plan to fit your businesses' needs! Rather than pay for services individually, we can bundle them together to make sure all your inspections and maintenance can be covered in one visit. That means no more excess visits, reducing service charges and providing significant cost savings! Ask a representative today!

To have your fire extinguisher serviced today, call us at (877) 662-3473 or fill out our online contact form.