Fire extinguishers can prevent small fires from becoming big ones and can be your "First Line of Defense" in the event of a fire. However, with so many different kinds of extinguishers on the market place, it can be challenging to figure out what kind of equipment is right for you and your situation. At Florida Fire Service, not only can we help you find a solution that meets the needs of your facility, but we can also provide you with the tools, training and services to make sure you'll get the most out of your extinguisher should you ever have to use them.

We offer a full range of extinguisher-related services, including:
  • Service & repair
  • Recharge, hydrostatic testing
  • Products
  • Testing & inspections
  • And more!

From wading through your options to helping you maintain your extinguisher over time, we'll be there to help you find what you're looking for! Any and all products and services we offer will also be in compliance with NFPA standards and local fire codes.

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Fire Extinguishers: What You Need to Know

It's always good to know at least a little about a product before you buy it. Here, we explain the differences in fire extinguisher classes. Keeping you informed helps us match you up with the kinds of equipment you'll need.

There are several classes of fire extinguishers on the market, five of which we sell here. Below, you'll be able to read about each and what they're used for. Hopefully, this will give you a clearer picture of what kinds of extinguishers you'll need to buy!

Here are the primary classes of fire extinguishers we offer here at Florida Fire Service:
  • Class-A Extinguishers– This extinguisher is designed to combat anything that can float, dangle or catch easily – paper, wood chips, rubber, fabrics, tapestries and some upholstery fires. They're marked with a green triangle with an "A" like you see above.
  • Class-B Extinguishers – If you have concerns over fires caused by flammable liquids, then this is the extinguisher you'll need. Class B's are designed to combat fires that come from gasoline, motto oil, cooking oil, paint, lacquers and tar fires. They're marked with a big, red square symbol with a 'B'.
  • Class-C Extinguishers – Class C's are built to handle all things electrical. Wires, fuses, batteries, car batteries – this extinguisher is designed to handle those kinds of fires. A good place for a Class C would be an older building with aging electrical work. They are identified with a mark that is a blue circle with a 'c' in the middle.
  • Class-D extinguishers – People usually don't think of metals being a material that's particularly flammable when in fact, they can be some of the most flammable materials, anywhere. Class D's fight fires that come from alkali metals, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, lithium and sodium-potassium alloys. You'll find them marked with a star with a 'D' in the middle.
  • Class-K extinguishers – If you own a restaurant, Class K's are a must. The kitchen is the most common place for a fire to occur because there are so many different ways for them to happen. Class-K's are specifically designed to help combat fires that come from cooking oils, grease, trans-fats, and other appliances such as deep fryers. This class is identified by a black hexagon with a 'K' in the middle.

Don't worry about being overwhelmed. Our experienced staff will work with you to find the right solution for your facility.

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