Fire Alarm Service & Inspection

$24/month fire alarm monitoring available

There's no such thing as a good time for a fire alarm to malfunction. If your certifications are about to expire or you need to have your system repaired, Florida Fire Service can help. We understand that when systems are down, people's safety could be at risk. That's why we try to respond to every service call within 24-hours to make sure your system is up and running and that the people who are occupying your facility are safe.

Florida Fire Service will always provide you with your fire alarm inspection and repair reports along with repair proposals if needed within 24 hours of providing service. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to verify maintenance or repair we'll be able to provide you with what you need when you need it.

We maintain and test a variety of Fire Alarms, including:
  • 24 Emergency repair service
  • HVAC duct detectors
  • Initiating devices – Pull Stations, Smoke and Heat detectors
  • Indicating devices – Horn, Bells, and Strobes
  • Flame detection
  • CO Testing
  • Sensitivity Testing and more!

Our inspectors are fully certified and trained to not only help solve your systems' problems, but we can also help teach you how to perform NFPA required inspections of the system on your own so as to prevent malfunction from happening in the first place. From preventing costly fines from the local government to making repairs to existing systems, we can make sure your facility and the people who work in it can do their jobs knowing that they're protected in the event of an emergency.


FFor more information on our Alarm & Fire Suppression Maintenance and inspection services, call a representative today at (877) 662-3473 or contact us online by filling out our online form.